Thursday, August 26, 2010

Twin Cities

In the St. Paul town and surrounding areas with the lady for  a much needed vacation. On the agenda; the MN State Fair and Valley Fair and MN Science museum. Going to try and squeeze in Dinky Town and a tour at the Wabasha Street Caves to fulfill all my touristy inclinations!

Will be printing some lovely t-shirts upon my return to Duluth.

Keep an eye out for PRIVATEER's contribution to Chester Bowls 2010-2011 terrain park- I have been providing free labor for the park all summer building new rails as well as refurbishing the box and flat bar seen on the hill last year. I had the great opportunity to be a camp counselor at Chester Bowl's summer camp program and let me tell ya, these kids are pumped for winter and for Freestyle Fridays to kick off!

That's all for now!


Music To Groove To

Some really good jams being posted daily and full playlists released for download on Saturdays Check them out at Music That Isn't Bad!


Sunday, August 1, 2010


HEY YA'LL I just finished building a four color screen printer the other day. It's made of 95% recycled material! My grandfather tore down a garage that used to house parts for giant machines used for logging and stuff and he was nice enough to give me the lumber from it! The wood leaky, oily, parts for years giving the whole screen printer a ton of character! NO BUYING AN OVER-PRICED, STALE, SCREEN PRINTER FOR THIS GUY!

Any who- expect to see shirts hot off the press soon!