Friday, November 12, 2010

Freestyle Fridays

We are at it again- I have slowly plugging away at the new features for Chester Bowl and finally they are done- we even got to test some of them out and let me tell ya, this winter is going to be off the hook at the Bowl. PRIVATEER is again putting on an event this year on February 25 so mark your calendars and come out to ride whatever wacky ideas we have ( we have some sweet ones coming through the pipes!).

I would like to thank some folks for helping me out with building the new features. First I would like to thanks my dad, Randy, without him and the use of his garage, tools and beer every single feature at Chester would not be in existence. TJ is one of the people responsible for starting Freestyle Fridays and has been a driving force in helping grow the program as of late I need to thank him for helping haul everything around and for the use of his truck, YEHAW,  and Ryan for fronting cash for materials

For those of you who do not know what, where and why Chester Bowl is the bee's knees check out the Website or better yet stop by and check out one of Duluth's best kept secrets.

Also here is the Freestyle Fridays 2010-2011 Events poster!


  1. yo sam. really dig the poster. your design?

  2. Yeah! Thanks man!, I borrowed the idea from "the bird man on alcatraz" movie poster I have always dug that poster so I wanted to turn into my own thing.